Eye Exams

The Insight of Your Eyes.

They say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, but what about the gateway to a healthier life? Routine eye exams can alert your doctor if you are suffering from serious health risks like diabetes, high cholesterol, and even tumors. It is unknown to many that the eyes are the only part of the human body that provide a direct view of your arteries, blood vessels, and cranial canal. That’s why we recommend an annual eye exam, so you can be here in sight, and there in health.

Connected to Contacts.

Bring your vision to an optimum level by finding the proper type of contacts for your eyes. From multi-focal, to monovision contacts, we are stocked and ready to service all of your needs. Our doctors are the leading experts in Rhode Island on optical health and function. Say goodbye to scratchy eyes and discomfort. We are here to service you.

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